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About Us

CUPPYBAKES is a family venture, started as a fundraiser for a charity clinic EL BARI CHC, which takes care of patients, travelers, students and anyone who can't afford medical care. Its 100% volunteer driven.

To fund this beautiful cause, we started CUPPYBAKES.

Its a BAKING PASSION bridging the Health Care gap in the community.

Why name "CUPPYBAKES"?

 It's not just the cupcakes, but any thing that's in a cup or can be baked, from fruity cups to CUPizzaz to turnovers. Whatever's in your imagination, we can Cup it or Bake it out. 


Yummillicious  cupcakes all the time everytime"
Dr. Sabeen Qureshi
" We have known Sarah for several years she has spoiled us with her baking of pasteries along the way. Highly recommend her for any event. You wont be disappointed."
                                                           Ricardo Sanchez.
“Cupcakes to Cuppizza , Sunflowers to Star spangled,  Healing the community by one cupcake at a time, What an honor , What a mission , How Noble  but yet Delicious."

                                               El Bari Community Health Center

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